We move fast, work fast and are alert and cooperative, and have a collaborative and open way of working. But we believe that none of us is as smart as all of us. In contrast, we solve our client’s brand problems at the heart of what we do. But we work to create customized digital results that will solve your creative, strategic and marketing brand challenges.

While social media marketing covers all your marketing on the digital platform, we must not neglect the traditional form of marketing. Let’s work together to ensure your brand gets the most exposure by showcasing it on our various hoardings located around the busy parts of the city!

As humans, we believe what we see, and in this exciting era, most of us want to establish ourselves online. NiConnect knows that a good company’s website is a window of opportunity for wider connections, which is why we specialise in website management. In short, that means we maintain your built website on its security, content relevance and freshness, and marketing so users could see the enthusiasm and potential of your brand.

1. Registration Management

With the advent of every fresh conference, NiConnect is ready to welcome our new attendees via our registration page. Here, we confirm the registration of our interested delegates’ attendance for the event, and keep constant contact with them throughout the entire duration of the conference.

2. Abstract Management

We handle acceptance and organisation of the paper or journal article abstract submissions sent by the delegates of a conference via email. Here, the articles are sorted accordingly with software.

3. Programme Schedule

For any event to succeed, it must be based on a thoroughly crafted schedule. Niconnect oversees this mammoth responsibility by giving due balance and attention to all segments of the conference schedule.

4. Poster Presentation Management

We cater to providing the best setup for the displaying of poster presentations for better public reading.

Every business owner knows an exhibition is an excellent chanceto showcase their bestselling products, and their sale should be the only thing they worry about. On the exhibition side, we at NiConnect have got you covered.

Introducing Octanorm stalls and tables — a look that’s simple, clean and minimalist that removes the hassle of transportation. Engineered in Germany, Octanorm empowers your product to be the real hero of the exhibition. With its swift and effortless method of assemblage, a whole team of expertsisn’t necessary to set up your moment of success. No matter the size of given space, Octanorm lets your best shine in your mini showroom. Our Octanorm dimensions start from 2 x 2 metres, 3 x 3 metres and can expand into bigger sizes.

You can trust NiConnect to oversee your printing marketing. With six years in the field, we have handled printing endeavours for numerous occasions in Shillong. 

1. Souvenir book

A souvenir book is a wonderful way of honouring the delegates from different parts of the country by gifting them a memento of the conference they had attended, in book form.

2. Flyers, banners, branding

NiConnect makes professional flyers and banners in digital or printed form that are apt for announcing upcoming events held in Shillong. We also undertake branding services to bring to attention the distinction of a brand in a conference venue.

3. Invitations

We design our own digital invitations to be sent to guest delegates for a certain conference.

4. IDs, Lanyards, Mementos

To create an environment of harmony and familiarity, we make IDs for all involved in the conference with everyone’s name and designation. Lanyards designed specifically for that event are also given along with the IDs.

We also make mementos to felicitate thechief guests of the event.

We know how very vital it is to create an agreeable space and ambience for the delegates. We commit to this setting by having quality equipment ready to change a barren venue into the vision we have in mind.

1. Exhibition management & setup

NiConnect focuses on generating the most suitable exhibition for company representatives and business owners galore. With the versatility of Octanorm exhibition stall and tables [AI LINK], we give you a minimalistic setup for maximum effectiveness, letting you be the centre of attention.

2. Venue branding

Every venue that houses our conferences is noticed and acknowledged from afar of the grand occasion there thanks to our venue branding.

3. Stage setup & management

The stage is the prime focus on Inauguration Day, and our goal is to turn it into a stable platform for a wonderful and pleasant start to the event.

4. Audio/visual setup + video wall

We know that our delegates want their messages to be as clear and crisp as their presentations, and thus, having a powerful audio/visual setup is key to achieving this. We also provide a video wall as the backdrop as an added bonus effect to the conference hall.

5. Preview and cloak room management

We make sure that the presentations are checked prior to the event in our preview room. We also have a cloak room or place of secure storage for our guests’ items so they can walk about with ease, load-free.

6. Delegate kits and certificates

Every delegate is gifted a delegate kit containing items needed for the conference and local souvenirs from Shillong. They are also given certificates for their participation in the conference.

7. Credit hours application

We apply a credit hours application for our events to make sure that our delegates’ presence is updated for the event.

8. Inauguration ceremony (entire process)

We manage the minute details of every inauguration ceremony at the beginning of every event to ensure smooth functioning.

9. Cultural shows

For the entertainment segment of the Inauguration Day, we conduct cultural shows by showcasing North-Eastern dances or songs.

10. Artist management

Performers for an event like musicians, singers, dancers and entertainers are managed under NiConnect.

11. Photography and Videography

We make sure to capture note worthy moments from the conference through pictures, which are then later uploaded to the conference website for the delegates’ reference. We also cater to videography services.

12. Installation and Decoration

The NiConnect team is well-trained to install and decorate the venue from scratch and turn it into a presentable and professional setting.

13. Souvenir management

The management of souvenirs to our delegates is administered by our team to present memorable trinkets always locally sourced for them to take home after a conference.

14. Award management

We handle the acquisition of awards like certificates, trophies and mementos made especially for the occasion.

15. Poster presentation room setup

The technicality of poster presentations’ setup is diligently managed by the NiConnect team so that the presenter can deliver their presentations at ease without any trouble.

A conference is incomplete without the inclusion of good food. At our conferences, we are determined that each guest is being given splendid, filling meals to rejuvenate their energy needed especially during tight sessions of the event and to overall, guarantee a hearty experience for everyone. A general menu of a conference includes the following courses:-

  1. Buffet lunch
  2. Working lunch
  3. Inaugural dinner
  4. Breakfast
  5. Round the clock tea

NiConnect has an adept profile in the step-by-step process from making a professional society and handling its other applications, to also handling sponsorships devoted towards an event.

1. Formation of societies

Prior to a conference, a society pertinent to the nature of the meeting should be a pre-existing entity recognised by the State Government of India. NiConnect manages the formation and legal registration of societies under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act of 1983.

2. PAN card registration

After the formation of a society, we then begin its Permanent Account Number (PAN) card registration asmandatory proof of identity.

3. GST application and filings

When the proof of identity is intact, NiConnect then registers the new society for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the Tax Department, which is essential for identifying the financial legitimacy of the newly formed group.Hereafter, we also manage and document their GST payments and filings of GST returns accordingly upon the due dates.

4. Statement management

The bank statements of the new society are looked after and recorded in the books of accounts of the societies by NiConnect using a transparent and thorough digital system.

5. TDS filings

After the statements have been seen through, we then deal with the filing of the Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). The sponsorships from the companies who wish to participate at a conference entail tax and in certain cases, a deduction of the TDS is made before making the final quoted payment from their end. We administer the process of filing TDS to avail back the amount for the cause of the concerned society.

6. Sponsorship management

We handle financial sponsorships contributed by different companies, suppliers, manufacturers, contributors and individuals towards a specific event relevant to their cause. 

The well-being of our delegates is our first priority, which is why NiConnect ensures prompt communication with our delegates from the moment of their registration to our conference. To ease your travel worries, we provide the service of picking you upon your arrival and taking you to your designated hotels and venue of the conference.

1. Hotel bookings

We tend to hotel bookings for our delegates who come from far and wide, and offer them ample travel packages to choose from for their convenience. 

2. Flight bookings

We look after flight bookings for our delegates coming to the conference and make sure to give them the best flight options available.

3. Local transport

Being a newcomer to our little city could mean facing some challenges getting local transport to a place. NiConnect takes over this hassle by managing it all for you!

4. Airport/ Railway shuttles

We extend bookings of airport and railway shuttles for our delegates for their comfort and easier travel to our city.

5. Conducted tours

We offer conducted tours for our delegates to the tourist hot spots in Shillong. These tours follow a carefully curated itinerary that aims to bring you to the best of tourism in Meghalaya.

5. Customised tours

We also offer customised tours suitable as per the personal choices of the travellers on places to visit.

We at NiConnect provide our own manpower for every event we conduct. A familiar team that is quick and able, our manpower is ready to take on the responsibilities needed to keep the events smoothly sailing.

1. Sanitation

We highly accentuate good hygiene and healthy surroundings of our workspace, which is why we maintain our venues’ spotlessness for our delegates to be fully comfortable while they enjoy the conference’s experience.

2. Security

For the general safety of all, we always ensure security measures are fixed and followed throughout   the entire event.

3. Volunteers

NiConnect has a team of ready and cooperative volunteers on deck to keep our conferences running fluently.

4. Ushers

Every new conference could be a possible maze for the newcomer to become lost and panicked. Our ushers will ensure this does not happen by leading you to your assigned destination.

List Of Services

Website Management

  • Registration Management
  • Abstract Management
  • Programme Schedule
  • Poster Presentation Management

Octanorm Stalls

  • 2×2 meter
  • 3×2 meter
  • 3×3 meter
  • 4×4 meter
  • 5×3 meter
  • 5×5 meter


  • Souvenir Book
  • Flyers, Banners, Branding
  • Invitations
  • IDs, Lanyards, Momentos


  • Exhibition Management & Setup
  • Venue Branding
  • Stage Setup & Management
  • Audio/Visual Setup + Video Wall
  • Preview & Cloak Room Management
  • Delegate Kits & Certificates
  • Credit Hours Application
  • Inauguration Ceremony (Entire Process)
  • Cultural Shows
  • Artist Management
  • Photography & Videography
  • Installations & Decoration
  • Souvenir Management
  • Award Management
  • Poster Presentation Room Setup


  • Buffet Lunch
  • Working Lunch
  • Inaugural Dinner
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Round the Clock tea

Financial Management

  • Formation of Societies
  • PAN Card Generation
  • GST Application and Filings
  • Statement Management
  • TDS Filings
  • Sponsorship Management

Tours And Travels

  • Hotel Bookings
  • Flight Bookings
  • Local Transport
  • Airport / Railway Shuttles
  • Conducted Tours
  • Customised Tours

Manpower Management

  • Sanitation
  • Security
  • Volunteers
  • Ushers

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