MICE in Meghalaya

A Promising Venture by NiConnect

“MICE tourism” stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences/Conventions and Exhibitions/Events tourism. It is a type of tourism that formally gathers people from one industry and having one common goal in mind, to meet at a certain point to discuss and elaborate their intentions further towards that goal. This collective term has blown up globally in the past few decades because of its serious potential in the preferential outcome of a gathering, whether public or private. The specific organisation and beautifying of a venue to welcome its guests matter significantly to its attendees and to the venue organisers overall.

In India, MICE is still a growing phenomenon that is processing and adjusting to the modern changes and aesthetic wants of the people in attendance. In fact, a national strategy for MICE has only been officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi in April 2022.

Meghalaya is yet to make MICE tourism its prominent foundation as well. Our state, backed by the lush, evergreen charm of hilly terrain cut by winding grooves of freshwater, already creates ample if not endless opportunities for ecotourism. If we were to incorporate this environmental factor with the arrival of professionals coming here not only as tourists alone, but who meet for a single industrial purpose, then we would be opening a new path of tourism besides ecotourism, i.e. MICE tourism.

This vision of MICE tourism is held only by a handful of trusted organisers from the North Eastern region who can conduct such events so far. In Meghalaya, MICE tourism is fundamentally managed by NiConnect.

Based in Shillong, NiConnect is an event management company that specialises in professional and corporate event planning and execution in relation to those related societies and groups. Catering to government and corporate industries, NiConnect has had two medical national and one international conference successfully organised within a span of eight months, and more conferences to be conducted before the completion of 2023.

Being an assembly that brings together like-minded individuals with one goal, medical MICE tourism is a great catalyst for socialising, networking and building the reputation of an expert or firm. It encourages the exposure of new ideas and innovations that would accelerate the learning drive within the ever-growing field of medical healthcare for all participants, and adds to their Credit Hours required for their Continuing Medical Education (CME) certification. The concerned society and department in the state are also made more relevant and up to date about affairs in their arena of study. The value of knowledge on healthcare services and facilities are heightened and highlighted at these conferences, which would ultimately benefit the state and the country’s proficiency bank of medical experts as a whole.

With all these positive characteristics in hand, MICE tourism is certainly a gateway to generating more tourist attractions in Meghalaya when assimilating leisure with business, thus promoting the uplift of our state. If Meghalaya were to be a hotspot of hosting MICE tourism, then the state would accomplish becoming a referral for more such events by government entities, associations, licensed groups and many more. This would in turn boost financial and technological innovations in those industries.  NiConnect is well aware of the promise of tourism in terms of MICE in Meghalaya, and is well-equipped with what it takes to make the conference experience exciting, engaging and everlastingly memorable for the delegate-tourist.

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