Serenade Your Partner At Ward’s Lake

This Valentines Day, Bamboo Hut Cafe is abandoning the usual idea of a fancy intimate lunch setting by having a Karaoke Party! Your favorite lakeside cafe is serving up some cheesy karaoke set list alongside delicious cuisine on the 14th , where you can belt out your best power ballads and duets with a sweetheart or a group of friends.

It takes a bit of resolve (and sometimes a shot or two) for someone to grab a microphone and get up in front of strangers and belt out Four Non Blondes “Whats up”. We mean what if you mess up a note? What if the crowd doesn’t like your singing as much as your cat does? What if you get things thrown at you?
Anyone who’s ever sang karaoke has had that twinge of hesitation before finally getting up on stage and letting loose. Some you may actually find memorable, some you may find deplorable, either way, you’re going to find most of them in our top ten list of karaoke performers.
The Karaoke will be hosted by Gideon Kharmalki who’s performed with the Aroha Choir, Merliham Arrangements and has hosted a plethora of shows including the likes of Mrs Northeast.

Check out the Valentines Day Karaoke Event !

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