We move fast, work fast and are alert and cooperative, and have a collaborative and open way of working. But we believe that none of us is as smart as all of us. In contrast, we solve our client’s brand problems at the heart of what we do. But we work to create customized digital results that will solve your creative, strategic and marketing brand challenges.

While social media marketing covers all your marketing on the digital platform, we must not neglect the traditional form of marketing. Let’s work together to ensure your brand gets the most exposure by showcasing it on our various hoardings located around the busy parts of the city!

As humans, we believe what we see, and in this exciting era, most of us want to establish ourselves online. NiConnect knows that a good company’s website is a window of opportunity for wider connections, which is why we specialise in website management. In short, that means we maintain your built website on its security, content relevance and freshness, and marketing so users could see the enthusiasm and potential of your brand.

1. Registration Management

With the advent of every fresh conference, NiConnect is ready to welcome our new attendees via our registration page. Here, we confirm the registration of our interested delegates’attendance for the event, and keep constant contact with them throughout the entire duration of the conference.

2. Abstract Management

We handle acceptance and organisation of the paper or journal article abstract submissions sent by the delegates of a conference via email. Here, the articles are sorted accordingly with software.

3. Programme Schedule

For any event to succeed, it must be based on a thoroughly crafted schedule. Niconnect oversees this mammoth responsibility by giving due balance and attention to all segments of the conference schedule.

4. Poster Presentation Management

We cater to providing the best setup for the displaying of poster presentations for better public reading.

List Of Services

Website Management

  • Registration Management
  • Abstract Management
  • Programme Schedule
  • Poster Presentation Management

Octanorm Stalls

  • 2×2 meter
  • 3×2 meter
  • 3×3 meter
  • 4×4 meter
  • 5×3 meter
  • 5×5 meter


  • Souvenir Book
  • Flyers, Banners, Branding
  • Invitations
  • IDs, Lanyards, Momentos


  • Exhibition Management & Setup
  • Venue Branding
  • Stage Setup & Management
  • Audio/Visual Setup + Video Wall
  • Preview & Cloak Room Management
  • Delegate Kits & Certificates
  • Credit Hours Application
  • Inauguration Ceremony (Entire Process)
  • Cultural Shows
  • Artist Management
  • Photography & Videography
  • Installations & Decoration
  • Souvenir Management
  • Award Management
  • Poster Presentation Room Setup


  • Buffet Lunch
  • Working Lunch
  • Inaugural Dinner
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Round the Clock tea

Financial Management

  • Formation of Societies
  • PAN Card Generation
  • GST Application and Filings
  • Statement Management
  • TDS Filings
  • Sponsorship Management

Tours And Travels

  • Hotel Bookings
  • Flight Bookings
  • Local Transport
  • Airport / Railway Shuttles
  • Conducted Tours
  • Customised Tours

Manpower Management

  • Sanitation
  • Security
  • Volunteers
  • Ushers

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