Endymasia Cosfest 2019


Endymasia Cosfest 2019

Some common-interest communities have become so huge that they’re a unique culture in itself. The cosplay scene has been around ever since the 1960’s and is still on the rise worldwide.

One of the awaited fests this summer was held on the 25th of May 2019, a Cosplay event called “Endymasia Cosplay Fest 2019” was held at Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides, Shillong which gathered 25+ cosplayers from in and around Shillong and also have seen a few participants from other states in India as well. “Endymasia” is taken from the Greek word meaning “costume”.  It was organised by a Shillong based group called PG Arts founded and headed by Phindasieng Giri, Damutskhem Giri and Garry Nelson Syiem.


Cosplay is the practice by which participants build or make their own costumes of which ever character from a film, book, or video game they want and dress up like them to display their creativity and originality. Although, what is good about these events is that it promotes recycling of old and tattered things which may otherwise be thrown away, the better part of it is, it brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together in one play to share and discover many fascinating things about each other as well as the costumes.

The costumes make it easy and possible for people to openly show what they have in common with each other, and during a Fest, all normal boundaries of society’s conventions are placed aside as perfect strangers chuckle and giggle over conversations. Participants and viewers bond over their fan groups, spotting others and sometimes even taking on the personalities of their characters.



Cosplay events have been an integral part of Shillong ever since it was first included as a part of 18 Degrees , in 2014. Ever since then, it has grown and inspired many passionate people to get out there and take part in such events. The most notable groups being the NEOtakus who have ties with international events such as World Cosplay Summit.

Endymasia Cosfest 2019 was a huge success bringing people together to participate and have fun and it gathered an audience of 500 people. The event also had different stalls selling merchandise and food for the crowd.


Endymasia Cosfest 2019 was a huge success bringing people together to participate and have fun and it gathered an audience of 500 people. The event also had different stalls selling merchandise and food for the crowd.

Endymasia , used Digital Marketing as a means of spreading news and awareness about their event, platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram which proved to be effective and fast , not to forget very economical and trouble-free. It was essential to tap into the world of social networking to expand the reach and got people talking about the event. Social media is about more than just reposting content. Endymasia used it in creating a buzz; giving followers something to share and discuss.


All Photographs are used with permission from the photographer (Sengrik Sangma).
Follow the photographer on instagram : @gumballinator_9700

Music Scene in Northeast India

North East Music Niconnect

The music scene in Northeast India is yet to establish considering the potential it offers. In recent times though, there has been an observed increase of live music and it appears to be happening all over the region.

One can now catch the hottest
music makers in action either at a pub, a restaurant, at a rock concert, or even
a hardcore metal gig.

No doubt the tempo is picking. But
closing on the heels of this undergoing development of the scene are drawbacks. Such as the lack of venues for getting musicians from across the
country and abroad, to strut and strum their stuff alongside the various
Northeastern acts.

Northeast Band Street Stories

Lately, the impact of the internet, has brought about a productive change, and it has brought about a mutual benefit between musicians and fans. Artists release singles digitally and gradually have their songs on various handsets and smart devices, through digital download with the help of Social Media and Streaming Platforms.

There has to be an increase in the number of venues and good event companies with a vision and an aim to give bands a launch pad. Where they can entertain all sphere of the local demography both young and old, depending on the different taste and preferences of the lot.

One can comment that a promising outcome stemming out of the
scenario here,is that the action has been ripping across genres so there’s
something for everyone. Whether it’s rock or metal is your idea of
musical nirvana you can head to shows that host such acts. On the flip-side
if it’s ElecTRONica, then you can get yourself latched to a different pub/clubs
that brings the dancing and thumping activities on the floor.

A place like the Northeast, big scale events and festivals are hard to come, finding a sponsor is the biggest spanner in the works. Corporate presence here is not substantial and another issue here is the attitude across the board that needs change. Whether it’s music stores, auditorium owners, record labels, or radio stations, people have to open and encourage original music. Entertainment in the form of music here should be recognised as ‘work’ too and underlines the needs for corporate interest and backing. Hence, this will enable the music scene in Northeast India to further establish itself. And perhaps create a space for further collaboration, and sales, considering the rise of digitally released music.

Serenade Your Partner At Ward’s Lake

Karaoke Valentines Day NiConnect Bamboo Hut

This Valentines Day, Bamboo Hut Cafe is abandoning the usual idea of a fancy intimate lunch setting by having a Karaoke Party! Your favorite lakeside cafe is serving up some cheesy karaoke set list alongside delicious cuisine on the 14th , where you can belt out your best power ballads and duets with a sweetheart or a group of friends.

It takes a bit of resolve (and sometimes a shot or two) for someone to grab a microphone and get up in front of strangers and belt out Four Non Blondes “Whats up”. We mean what if you mess up a note? What if the crowd doesn’t like your singing as much as your cat does? What if you get things thrown at you?
Anyone who’s ever sang karaoke has had that twinge of hesitation before finally getting up on stage and letting loose. Some you may actually find memorable, some you may find deplorable, either way, you’re going to find most of them in our top ten list of karaoke performers.
The Karaoke will be hosted by Gideon Kharmalki who’s performed with the Aroha Choir, Merliham Arrangements and has hosted a plethora of shows including the likes of Mrs Northeast.

Check out the Valentines Day Karaoke Event !

Valentines Day Chocolate Campaign – Bread Cafe, Shillong

NiConnect Campaign Chocolate Day

“Mind you” said Grandpa Joe, “there is just that one tiny chance that it might be the one, don’t you agree!” – Grandpa Joe Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

On the 22nd of November 2018, Bread Cafe celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary. They launched their new brand of roasted almond dark chocolate. As Bread Cafe embarks on their 11th year long journey, they have moulded their passion into crafting the finest blend of almond, cookies & crème.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Bread cafe is launching an offer for their chocolate brand.

This is a first of it’s kind initiative in Shillong in reminiscence of the iconic movie ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’,

Valentines Day Promitonal Campaign

With every purchase of the dairy bar, you will stand a chance to win a gift voucher.  You shall be granted a certain wish of sorts where there are four distinctive gift vouchers inside every pack.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with the power of chocolate and gift it to your loved ones. Although single, soothe your woos  by sinfully treating yourself to a rich bar of dark home-grown produced chocolate.

Sale of Chocolate starts from Monday Onwards!

Chocolates are available at:

    • Bread Cafe, Police Bazaar GS Road, Shillong,
  • Laitumkhrah, Main Road, Opp Post Office, Shillong

Here is why you need Social Media Marketing?

Google SEO Website How To

By Nicola Lyndem

As we all know, the “digital world” has taken over a huge part of our lives. No matter what we are dealing with, by any means we have to adapt and get along with the digital system side by side. When it comes to Business, people generally feel the need to ask if digital marketing is actually needed or not, is it really going to help the Business reach to the next level? Continue reading “Here is why you need Social Media Marketing?”